I caught a whiff of your cologne yesterday as a stranger walked quickly past.  I had to turn to see if it was you.  Of course it was not.  Instead I stood there trapped by that smell – the smell of you.  I didn’t want to let it go.  I knew if I walked on it would not follow, and though I might have looked foolish standing there for so long, I did not care; I did not move.  I wanted that scent to be near me again.  As I stood there, the memories were impossible to shake – not that I tried.  I stood there remembering our first date, our first kiss…I closed my eyes for a moment and could nearly feel you arms wrapped tightly around me, my head on you chest as we lay across your bed on a Sunday afternoon – breathing in that scent.  That scent that was starting to fade.  I didn’t want to let you go,  but you were gone, and all I could smell now was the too sweet perfume of an old lady in red.

3 thoughts on “Olfaction”

  1. It’s amazing how a mere scent can immediately transport to another time, another place, another’s arms.My first boyfriend wore cheap cologne that smelled like Resolve carpet cleaner. I still can’t scrub a spot without revelling in my 16 year old ideas of love.


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