Enough Whining

Okay, so I’ve whined and complained about not being able to find a job.  Well, I still don’t really, technically have a job.  I say technically, because truthfully I’ve been offered about six at this point.  I’m not sure what is holding me back.  Two of them are jobs that are decent – though I’m completely wasting my college education by doing either of them.  The others are okay, but I’m still hesitant, because there is one that I really, really, really want.  I have gotten a call back on it.  I would be using my degree.  I would working in the field that I went to college for, thus I would feel like I hadn’t just wasted years of my life and thousands of my dollars.  It would be a great job, and would potentially help me get that much coveted "experience" that all of these employers are looking for. 

Today, I jokingly said, "Every employer I’ve talked to wants someone with twenty-five years of experience, but I’m only twenty-three, so I don’t know what they are expecting from me."  I joke, but realistically this is what it feels like.  I finally have my college education complete, and now the only thing they care about is how much work experience I have.  "Well, you see sir, I don’t have much experience, because I’ve been in school since I was five, but if you would only give me a chance.  I’m a quick learner I promise.  Did I mention that I’ve been working on computers since kindergarten?"  This should count for something.  I have the experience and the knowledge.  It’s just no one wants to give a young girl a chance. 

Is it this hard for everyone?  I guess I should have gone into nursing or some other major where you are nearly guaranteed a job upon graduation. 

Stupid English Degree.

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