I have nothing to say

It seems that I am having trouble finding things to say.  While in the "real world" I never seem to shut-up, in this – the "blogging world" – I have nothing to say.  It seems that without classes to attend, I am quite boring.  I sincerely hope that this does not last, but for now this appears to be the case. 

I could ramble for awhile about how bloody hot it is outside, but that is too obvious. 

I could say how much I am not enjoying the fact that gas is steadily nearing that evil three dollar mark. 

I could talk about the fact that while there are over a hundred newspapers/magazines/publishing companies in the area – not a single one is hiring.  How is that possible? 

I could talk about how you should all click the links on the side of this blog and go donate some money and sponsor me in the The Light the Night Walk and the Walk for Diabetes that is coming up in September. 

I could talk about the really great story that I am currently writing.  Seriously, I think I love it. 

I suppose I could talk about all of these things, but they all seem so boring, and I feel like all I ever do is talk about them over and over again.  I need something new to talk about.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

For now look at the pretty picture…


5 thoughts on “I have nothing to say”

  1. Oh my goodness! The gas prices are already $3.20ish. If we’re lucky, we’ll find gas for like $3.11 around here.Hm. I get what you mean. Sometimes I’ve got a mouthful of stuff to say, in reality, but when it comes to blogging, I just babble about what I did in the day. You know, just to ‘entertain’ people. Haha.Thanks for wishing me luck. I need it!


  2. Haha… Yeah, what can I say? I’m awesome like that. And don’t worry. I’ll make sure your comments go more than 5.That picture is bloody gorgeous, by the way. =D


  3. So having classes would give you something interesting to talk about? I’d think it would make you more busy and bored? Your gas isn’t 3 bux yet? Lucky heh. That is a pretty picture though.


  4. Gas and weather lol. The two topics up for chatting about. Well I feel ya as far as the heat goes, I live in Arizona man. Skin cancer capital of the world. Gorgeous pic too.


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