Make it Stop

Today is July 10th.  That means that it is six days past the day that it is acceptable to be blowing things up, making loud noises just for the fun of it, and causing the entire street to smell of smoke. 

So why is my crazy neighbor still setting off fireworks?  Please tell me why, because it is really starting to bug me. 

I’m all for having fun with the whole fireworks thing on the Fourth – even though they are illegal in my city.  I even shot a few off with my niece last Tuesday (shh – don’t tell).

However, today is July 10th.  It is not July 4th, and thus it is no longer fun.  It is no longer amusing, and it is no longer acceptable. 

Ahh…I think I’m getting a headache.

2 thoughts on “Make it Stop”

  1. Maybe he is just really patriotic? i know if we had a holiday where we could set off fireworks i’d probably attempt to celebrate it every couple of days!


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