Living Statue


Last Saturday, I went to the City Market with my mom.  We bought tomatoes, corn, cherries, peaches, peppers, etc.  I love going down there, because I love buying from the local farmers.  I always try to buy local whenever possible.  I just think it’s good to keep the money in the same city/state.  Anyways, our city market is quite large, and there was all kinds of stuff going on last Saturday, a bird show, cooking demonstrations, etc.  there was also this living statue.  From a distance she looks like a really tall, really colorful mannequin.  Upon walking closer we began to notice, “hey that’s a really person.”  My thought was, “how random.”  We continued walking on.  Then someone put a dollar in that hat box in front of her, and oh my goodness she began moving.  She moved really slow and fluid.  It was really strange.  After a few seconds of her flowing her arms around she froze again, and that is when I said, “okay, stop for a second I’m going to take a photo of her.  That is just too random.”  One other person put a dollar in while we were walking back by, and it was just so strange.  It was almost a little creepy.  I don’t know how much money she makes doing that job, but that is a very strange job.  Standing there all day long – perfectly still – just waiting for someone to put a dollar in the hat box, so that you can move.  Very, very random job.  I wonder if they are hiring…

3 thoughts on “Living Statue”

  1. Wow. What an interesting concept. I dont’ think I’ve ever seen that before! I bet was neat in person, but yet a bit strange, too!


  2. I think that’s pretty fascinating to say the least. You don’t really find much of that anywhere and I think it’s a fresh take on what performance can be.


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