Devil Petunias

june 2006 017.jpg 

This Year 

Okay, so see the pretty purple petunias?  These are the same pretty purple petunias that I planted last year.  They have come back up.  I’m not sure why or how.  I didn’t planted them as seeds last year or anything out of the ordinary.  I planted them, they bloomed all summer, then they died, and then a few weeks ago I started noticing that there was some green in the planter (I thought it was weeds).  Then  when we came back from vacation there were the pretty purple petunias.  This has never happened before.  They are supposed to be annuals.  They are supposed to die and then be no more.  They are not supposed to return the next year.  Weird…

"Petunias are annuals, which means that you will need to plant new ones every year" – Wikipedia


Last Year 

3 thoughts on “Devil Petunias”

  1. Once in a while an annual will come up again the next year, said to be "volunteer." I have had it happen rarely, but I don’t think ever with a petunia. Pretty flowers and pics!I played.


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