One is a Lonely Number

So, another one of my friends is getting married.  This is getting ridiculous.  I really am beginning to wonder if I will be the last to get married (always ironic since everyone thought I would be the first).
I’m getting bored of this whole single thing.  I need something more.  I’m ready for something more.  I want what they all have, and I want it now.  Is that too much to ask for?
I’ll write more later – when I feel a little less pathetic and self pitying.

4 thoughts on “One is a Lonely Number”

  1. Hi Torie, thanks for your special comment. Great to be your guest and look forward to staying in touch, with best wishes, The Artist


  2. Aww I know excatly what you mean I feel the same way about my friends as well. They all basically have boyfriends that are here and stuff and I have to put up with them being all lovely dovey ugh annoying hehe!


  3. =/ Being alone sucks, but I wouldn’t really know because none of my friends are even close to getting married. We’re not old enough. Just have a kickass wedding when you do get married. lol


  4. Trust me, enjoy the single life and all of your misery. Listen to some Tom Lykis and you’ll realize you don’t have it that bad and all your married friends are hating it.


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