Cobbler and Cameras

Guess what I made yesterday? 


Peach Cobbler

See the pretty picture of the peach cobbler?  Do ya know what that means?  My camera is back!  Yea!  I’m so excited.  They replaced the two lenses. It would have cost me three hundred dollars, but thanks to my service plan it cost me nothing (so that is why you purchase the service plan – I totally get it now).   


1 thought on “Cobbler and Cameras”

  1. So you like to cook, huh? I HATE cooking :) My best friend is always trying for me to cook, but till now he’s run out of luck in that field. haha… I guess the service plan is kind of like a warranty, right? Or sort of. Seeing as warranties just replace the product. Anyway, that’s cool that you got you camera back… congrats!! *from despair.nu*


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