A Fresh Mind

So the article is complete.  At least I think that it is.  I’m letting it "rest" for a day.  I always seem to do this.  I finish a story, a paper, an article and then I leave it alone for a day or so – I don’t look at it, don’t think about it at all or at least very little.  Then I go back to it with a fresh mind – a new perspective.  It seems to work.  I suppose this is normal.  A common sense kind of thing, but I always have trouble seeing my own mistakes (grammar wise at least) so the distance helps.  Anyway, tonight I’m tired.  Tomorrow there will be stories.  This I promise you.  No really – I promise.

3 thoughts on “A Fresh Mind”

  1. Hm, at least you can finish your articles and such. I leave mine alone for a while, but mostly because I have no intentions of touching them again. I’m so lazy.I have a problem of not noticing my grammar mistakes also which is why I like to read it from the bottom to the top. It works well.


  2. This is actually a technique that was taught in the reasearch writing class I took last semester. So, not only is it normal, it’s suggested. :-) Congrats on getting your article done!


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