Ch Ch Changes

Okay, so one of these days I will find a background and a banner that I like.  For now I will continue to change them on a regular (sometimes daily) basis.

I love squarespace.com, but I wish that it would provide a bit more flexibility when it comes to the sites actual layout and design.  Oh well.  For now this is what I got.  So I’ll deal with it.

I haven’t forgotten about the numerous stories and photos from the lake, but I honestly just didn’t feel like discussing it today.  Maybe tomorrow.


Guess where I went while on vacation?

* A couple of people have been asking about the photos on this site, and whether or not I took them.  All of the photos on this site have been taken by me unless otherwise noted.  I claim to know very little about photography, but I do love taking photographs, and I can almost always be found with a camera in my purse if not in my hand.  Most of the photos on this site have been taken with my little Sony Cybershot camera.  The photo posted yesterday and the one today are an exception.  I took those with my brother-in-law’s Nikon Cool-Pix camera – since my baby was in the shop last week.  So all of my 2006 lake vacation photos will be from the Nikon.  If you notice the little links to the right you should see a link to my shutterfly page and my flickr images as well.  I should be updating both sometime within the next couple of days, so check them out.

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