I’m Gone

I’m gone…

But I’ll be back.  We are leaving Sunday morning for the lake.  I’ll will be without ability to post for a week (not that I’ll miss it).  I am, however, incredibly sad to report that my camera died.  My baby seems to have decided to quit working right in the middle of my brother-in-laws graduation.*  Luckily, my brother-in-law is an awesome guy and is letting us take his brand new camera with us.  So I hopefully will still get to take my beautiful lake sunset photos that I love to take so much.

I’ll be back next Saturday…possibly Sunday.   

*Thankfully, I had taken out the service and replacement policy on the camera.  Thus, my baby is being shipped off for repair.  If they can’t fix it they will replace her.  Either way I should have a working camera again in a couple of weeks.  I hope I can stand the wait.

6 thoughts on “I’m Gone”

  1. I never really apply for those replacement policy because I dont want to pay extra for them. But in this case, I guess it paid off for your.. I love the sunset pics.. I wish I could take some but I live in the city.. :(


  2. Oh man I used to love vacationing at the lake. I miss it so much. My family and I used to spend a week or so at Twin Lakes in Mammoth, CA. I loved it. The ride up there was a pain but once we got there I was so calm and I reveled in the beauty and peacefulness of the area.


  3. Yay for replacement policies. They feel like highway robbery when you first get them, but in the end, if something breaks, its all worth it. :D


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