Devil Petunias

 This Year Okay, so see the pretty purple petunias?  These are the same pretty purple petunias that I planted last year.  They have come back up.  I'm not sure why or how.  I didn't planted them as seeds last year or anything out of the ordinary.  I planted them, they bloomed all summer, then they died,… Continue reading Devil Petunias


One is a Lonely Number

So, another one of my friends is getting married.  This is getting ridiculous.  I really am beginning to wonder if I will be the last to get married (always ironic since everyone thought I would be the first). I'm getting bored of this whole single thing.  I need something more.  I'm ready for something more. … Continue reading One is a Lonely Number


Cobbler and Cameras

Guess what I made yesterday?  Peach CobblerSee the pretty picture of the peach cobbler?  Do ya know what that means?  My camera is back!  Yea!  I'm so excited.  They replaced the two lenses. It would have cost me three hundred dollars, but thanks to my service plan it cost me nothing (so that is why you… Continue reading Cobbler and Cameras