Ford Update

My car is fine.  The jingle bell sound was coming from underneath my car.  There was a ring that goes around the exhaust pipe that need to be soldered back on.  Simple.  They fixed it no problem.  See it wasn’t that hard for them.  I don’t know what their fuss was about.  It just frustrates me.  I know they look at me and see a young naive girl, and while that may be true – I still don’t want to be ripped off.  I know how to be firm and how to get my way.  Sometimes I will play into the young and naive girl thing and use that to my advantage other times I can come across as strong and authoritative.  It just depends on which is going to get me the best result.  I bought my car there at that shop.  I negotiated them down.  I got far more on my trade in than it was worth, and I know that just because I’m a girl that doesn’t know the first thing about cars that doesn’t give them a reason to take advantage.  I don’t like be treated like a little kid and that’s what I feel like mechanics always do to me.  It is just frustrating.

4 thoughts on “Ford Update”

  1. I hate it when people think I’m stupid just because I’m a girl… not only am I a girl, but I’m a short girl and I look way younger than I am. Which might help me when I’m middle-aged, but now? It’s annoying.


  2. Truly… they don’t just do it to ‘young girls’ they will *try* to do it to ANYONE, even a 6 foot guy… a grandpa… a bitchy 56 year old well dressed woman… anyone. It seems you have to ‘prove’ yourself to them no matter who you are. (And we’ve found this allllll of the US. In all the states we’ve lived in. It always takes a while to find a good trustworthy mechanic.)


  3. It really pisses me off when people see me and automatically think, ooh a girl, she should be easy to scam etc. So many times people tried to rip me off I can’t even count the incidents any more.


  4. i very well know how that playing the sort of girl that they’d like thing. sometimes i wish i were a big bulky manly man – maybe things would be easier. :/


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