I Freaking Love Ford

Okay, so a couple weeks ago I took my car into Ford for service, because the service engine soon light came on.  They do the full diagnostics and decide that it’s going to cost me a couple hundred to fix the car, because I need to replace a hose and some sort of valve.  So fine, I take it back the next day, and they fix it.  I drive it home.  It’s fine.  I only live five minutes from the shop.  I don’t drive my car for a couple days because I’m busy with a million things, and I just didn’t need to.  When I do drive my car, and turn the air conditioning on it begins making this horrible jingling sound.  It didn’t do that before.  My air worked before.  Everything was supposedly fixed, by Ford Certified mechanics a week earlier.  So, I’m less than pleased, but I’m getting ready to go out of town, and I don’t have time to take the car to the shop so I put off calling knowing that I’ll call when I get the chance. 

Today I got the chance.  I called them, and I explained to them the whole long story.  They told be that they would only look at it if I would agree to another eighty dollar diagnosis.  I said, no, because I just paid for one, and this problem started right after their service.   Their  service which is supposed to be guaranteed for at least thirty or ninety days (I forget which.  Either way it hasn’t been that long).  They try to argue with me about it, but I refuse to back down.  They will be looking at my car today at two o’clock – free of charge.  I’m not paying for something that they screwed up.  They need to fix their mistakes. 

I’ll let you know how it goes today.  I made my last car payment last week, so I want this car to last me for at least another year or two.  

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