We are Family

springfield 2006 016.jpg
Two of the orneriest twin boys you’ll ever meet, but aren’t they cute?
This photo was taken right before they started playing with the swinging doors – which in turn caused them both to be conked in the head by said swinging door more than once.  They are my third cousins.  Yeah, I think that’s right.  My mom and their dad are cousins, so their dad is my second cousin which would make them my third cousin right?  I don’t know.  That whole once removed thing never makes sense to me, so I never use that, but maybe that applies here.  Anyway, whatever generation removed or what have you they are my cousins and that is the end of the story.
springfield 2006 015.jpg
This is one of my great uncles with his grandson (the twins’ older brother).
My grandma had five brothers and my grandpa had  three brothers and three sisters, so I have a lot of great aunts and uncles and many, many, many cousins.  This happens to be one of my grandma’s brothers.  It is always great to hear my aunts and uncles tell their stories.  Though, it was strange to be there with so much of my family and not have my grandma and my Uncle Tommy there.   Uncle Tommy passed away almost a month to the day after my grandma did.  To see the family gather without the two of them was difficult to say the least.
 This is my niece.
God love her – there is only so much that an eleven year old can do to entertain herself while on this kind of trip before she begins to drive those around her crazy.  I think she did quite well considering we dragged her around to grave after grave at the cemetery to put flowers on the graves of people that she never met and is very distantly related to.  I continually tried to explain the family’s genealogy to her at each stop.  This was right after we made her sit through an incredibly long lunch and family reunion with family that she has met only once before in her life, and that was at her great grandmother’s funeral two years ago.  A gameboy can only go so far to keep her occupied.  However, while she might not have driven me to the brink of sanity…her mother is another story.  My sister and my niece have similar personalities and because of this they drive each other crazy.
This is just an old building downtown.
Why don’t they build buildings like that anymore?  I love the architectural style that you find in old downtowns.  To many buildings are all rectangular boxes these days – so boring.  I loved the blue trim with the white stars on this building – so patriotic.  I have several photos of downtown buildings that you will probably be seeing over the next couple of weeks.  Apparently they are renovating many of the old buildings in this part of the town, and they are turning them into loft apartments.  I think that is kind of great – it is better than seeing the old buildings being down.  I would hate to see the old building where my great grandpa’s store had been torn down, so to think that it will be renovated and put to use is rather nice.

3 thoughts on “We are Family”

  1. Thank you for sharing those family memories. Treasure them, because time is a speed demon. I come from a small family and today there are only Four of us left. My aunt lives in another state with husband, My uncle lives about an hour’s drive away and we only see him, his wife, and daughter maybe once a year. My mom’s a different story, though. She’s still getting into her late-30-something’s son’s business! Will it never end?Anyway, thank you for sharing, and may God wonderously bless you and your family.


  2. I don’t understand the ‘once removed’ thing either, although I did understand it once about 10 years ago I’ve completely forgotten.I’d call them third cousins too! :)


  3. The niece/girl needs to learn how to crochet and read a pattern.Greatest pastime, Ever!When we were on car trips, my dad would look in the rearview mirror and asked if I had fallen asleep because I got quiet. I would sshhh him and keep counting.Try a local craft store or community college which might have classes aimed at her age group.


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