Coming Attractions

I’m really quite excited for the new Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock film, The Lake House, to open. I’ve never liked Keanu Reeves or Sandra Bullock movies much, but this one seems to appeal to me. I think it is the idea that the story is suppose to defy all reasonable ideas of reality.

This is what my prose professor wanted us to do. He encouraged us to explore the post-modernist with-in each of us. For some this came naturally and easily. For me it was difficult. I’m a realist. I want to abide by all rules of reality and nature.

But I listened to my professor, and I tried. For the first time in my writing life I wrote a story where the conventional rules of reality didn’t apply. Things were not always what they seemed, and it seemed to work. I eventually wrote another story with the same “break the rules” philosophy, and this one worked even better. I think this is why this movie intrigues me. I’m, for the first time, trying to break the rules, and I want to seek out movies and books that do this well – movies and books that I can learn from.

This movie better be as good as the trailer looks. I have high expectations.

1 thought on “Coming Attractions”

  1. One of my favorite books which follows along timelines such as this movie is _The Summerhouse_ by Jude Devereaux.I remember reading it in one all day undertaking, and had a nice sigh of love at the ending.See if the library has it. She’s a popular author.


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