The Perfect Book

It seems that all I have talked written about lately is my lack of a job and my graduation. Honestly, I would be sick of listening to myself by now, but oh well – it is what consumes my life, and thus it is what I write about.

So, Tonight I went to the book store on a mission. I am trying to find a book for the little girl that I mentor. She is nine and just starting to get a real interest in reading for fun. At the beginning of our meetings, getting her to read a book was like pulling teeth, but now she wants to check out half the library. I, of course, am thrilled by this. I love that she is developing an interest in literacy. I may not always enjoy the books she is reading (I could definently live without the snake books), but at least she is reading.

Anyway, I am trying to find the perfect book, and this is proving to be difficult. She loves the Titanic books at the school’s library, but those she has read many times and the ones the book store had looked a little too difficult for her. She is a pretty strong reader, but there were technical words in these books that I didn’t even recognize.

I got to thinking that maybe I should get her a book that would be more meaningful. Something like the Seuss Classic Oh, The Places You Will Go! or Shel Silverstein’s amazing The Giving Tree or The adorable The Library By Sarah Stewart.

My question is what was your favorite book when you were nine? What is your child’s favorite book? I need help!

1 thought on “The Perfect Book”

  1. At age 9, I was reading many things. That was when I had rheumatic fever and had medical orders to be on bedrest.I remember reading the Miss Pickerell books. I just checked AMAZON and they are still available, with some books as new as 1987. The adventures were more than food for me!Also, _Mr. Popper’s Penguins_ by Richard Atwater is sooo funny. Other people must think so, too, because the new printings keep coming out.If she likes snakes, then do a ‘Net search for snake books with a fiction or mystery plot and see what comes along.By 5th grade, I was reading the Anne of Green Gables books.I usually give _Oh the Places You’ll Go!_ as a graduation gift. I beleive that was the occassion which Dr. Seuss wrote it for.I don’t quite ‘get’ The Giving Tree. I feel so sorry for the poor tree, more and more and more gone and the kid doesn’t show any gratitude and there should be a place where somebody says "EEENUFF".Then again, _Love You Forever_ by Robert Munsch seems strange to me, too. The mother going across town and climbing into the window of her grown son shows mental instability, bordering on obsession.Maybe that’s just me, I have a very literal mind. Very difficult to picture fairies and leprechauns and vampires and talking turtles. I want my reading pleasure to feature real people in everyday situations.Good Luck. Age 9 and having a mentor who cares–the girl is blessed already.~~love and Huggs, Diane


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