All Apologies

Sorry for the inconsistent updates or the all together lack there of.  I seem to becoming down from the weekend of not sleep but plenty of excitement.  Plus you add in the previous month or so of very few well rested nights and I think I am spiraling.  My throat hurts and I am just tired.

At graduation one of the professors asked why I wasn’t going to grad school.  I said I still hadn’t really decided; I just knew I wanted to take a year off.  I guess that is a compliment when your professors are inquiring as to why you aren’t going to graduate school.  At least they think I could make it in grad school.

Anyway, that is what is going on in my life.  As you can see, it isn’t much.  I’m still desperately trying to find a job.  I have been sending resumes out to every job that I am remotely qualified for, but it is frustrating to see these great jobs that want a college degree (hey I got that) and five years experience (wait I’ve been in school for the last five years – shouldn’t that count).  They are all like that.  What do you do when you are just out of college and trying to find a job without experience?  It makes the college degree seem worthless if all they are looking for is the experience.   Discouraging…

1 thought on “All Apologies”

  1. Hi,I had the same problem when I first graduated from University. So I worked temp jobs until I got a better idea as to where I wanted to be.Hope this helps.:)Colleen


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