Following Up

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The job interview went well. I did a great job of pretending that I truly wanted the job. I think it has got to be the most boring job in the entire world. I really don’t want to work there.

Oh, and to clarify for those who commented about teaching one being much different than teaching an entire classroom full of students…I know. I have taught Sunday School for years, I’ve taught a pre-k class at one preschool, and did the before/after/summer school program with the grades 3-6 at another facility. I’ve been a TA at the high school. I’ve had a classroom full before. I know that those situations are different than being a classroom teacher, but I know that this is what I want to do. I love being around the kids.

I also started out as an education major. The only reason I switched was because my advisor told me that with as many English course as I had taken and wanted to take it would be quicker for me to graduate with an English degree, so I let him talk me into switching. I’ve always regretted switching, but never knew that there was a simple solution (the alternative certification program…or the advanced certification program).

See here’s the second part of my crazy plan. If I don’t get hired on at a school district, I can’t do the alt. cert. program, but I still want to teach. So next year, I will begin substitute teaching while I save up some money and get ready to either try the alt cert program again in the fall, or else begin the one year advanced certification program at my college. With the advanced cert. program I would take classes in the summer and fall and then student teach in the spring and then graduate again in May of whatever year that is. Thus, again giving me my second bachelors.

Whatever way you look at it…I want to teach. I know that it isn’t always easy, and that sometimes I won’t come home smiling, but when I have said I wanted to be a teacher since I was four years old and would give my friends homework (seriously…they didn’t like to play school with me – I made them work). I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was fifteen and at youth camp and could hear God speak it into my heart. This is what I am supposed to be doing. I have no doubts.

Oh, and I want to teach English – grades 6th – 12th (somewhere in there).

1 thought on “Following Up”

  1. Hey, cool blog. Came by way of Ethel. Anyway, I think your crazy plan is perfect. I have lived on both the West and East coasts in the past three years and ALOT of teachers (or potential teachers) are taking the same approach.Good luck, and congrats on finally finishing!


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