Job Search 2006

Now that I am officially done with this whole English degree/school thing, I suppose it’s time I start the whole searching for a job thing.

Tonight, I actually have a third interview for a job that I really, really, really don’t want. So why am I going you ask. Well, I have this irrational fear that this will be the only job I’m offered, and thus, shouldn’t I at least continue to pursue it just in case my fear comes true. I’m crazy, I know. The rational part of my brain usually kicks in and reminds me that I am a college educated woman and that I will be able to find a job. That not only will I find a job, but that I will find a job that I enjoy.

Right now I’m pretty sure absolutely positive that I want to teach. I have been doing the whole tutor/mentor thing this semester and I have fallen in love with the idea of doing that full time. I come home from my hour of hanging out with her and I can’t stop smiling. I love it. I know that I am supposed to be working with children. I just know it in my heart.

Here’s the cool thing. My college offers an Alternative Teacher Certification Program. What that means is that I would get a temporary teaching certificate thus allowing me to begin teaching in the fall – like really actually teaching. I would continue to take classes in the evenings (who said I wanted to leave college) and would earn my full teaching certificate and second bachelors by the end of next spring (hopefully). How cool is that?

I have been on the phone with three school districts and two private schools this morning discussing options. I am so flippin’ excited!

So why am I going to this interview tonight…Oh yeah, because I’m crazy. Ya gotta love the anxiety.


3 thoughts on “Job Search 2006”

  1. Thank You for the sweet words over at my place, and even at R & O.The Alternative Teacher Cert Program is a good thing. I know a couple folks who got theirs and are able to do Substitute duty in school districts across the county.There is a big difference between being a tutor and a full classroom with 25 children. Maybe smaller classes in private education would be suitable.I’m not going to begin looking for a job until after my graduation, a trip out of town to see family, a wedding of a friend, and my birthday in June.Maybe, just Maybe, by then the idea that earning money would be best for the budget because DoF has been carrying the load for a couple years now and needs a boost!Congratulations yerself…..


  2. Just so you don’t burn out to quickly, I want to be sure you know that teaching one on one is probably easier to enjoy than having a whole classroom of ’em. I mean, you do not get the time to interact with and love up each one of them personally as they deserve, especially in classes of over 25. It is still enjoyable, and there are still opportunities for such interaction. Your enthusiasm is an incredible asset, and I sincerely hope you will hold onto it. Just be prepared for change and to not always leave with a smile, okay?And congratulations on the graduation!–random BlogExplosion surfing teacher;)


  3. I do that sort of thing, too. I always figure it never hurts to keep all my options open. Besides, it’s always good to get some interview practice under your belt, even if you are good at them. I’m not sure if I should wish you good luck, though. ;)


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