Legalize Plagiarism Now

Why does this intrigue me so much?

Seriously, part of me really wants to enter this contest.  I’ve spent my whole academic career scared to death of accidentally plagiarizing someone’s work, and then on my last day of finals I read about a contest that encourages the use of plagiarism.  No not encourages – demands.  I am so intrigued.  

Thus I’m plagiarizing the rules:

—You are limited to 750 of somebody else’s words; none of those words may be your own.
—All material must be cited (author, work, page number). This is the only part where you have to be honest; unlike professional publishers, we’re actually going to check.
—You must plagiarize from a minimum of five different books by as many authors as you wish. The only demand we make is that those books were published at some point, somewhere.
—You must lift only phrases, whole sentences, or passages. No1 single2-word3 citations4 allowed5.

Doesn’t that sound like fun to you?  No, it’s just me. Fine then, but I seriously think I could do this.   



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