Ford Update

My car is fine.  The jingle bell sound was coming from underneath my car.  There was a ring that goes around the exhaust pipe that need to be soldered back on.  Simple.  They fixed it no problem.  See it wasn't that hard for them.  I don't know what their fuss was about.  It just frustrates… Continue reading Ford Update


I Freaking Love Ford

Okay, so a couple weeks ago I took my car into Ford for service, because the service engine soon light came on.  They do the full diagnostics and decide that it's going to cost me a couple hundred to fix the car, because I need to replace a hose and some sort of valve.  So… Continue reading I Freaking Love Ford


We are Family

Two of the orneriest twin boys you'll ever meet, but aren't they cute? This photo was taken right before they started playing with the swinging doors - which in turn caused them both to be conked in the head by said swinging door more than once.  They are my third cousins.  Yeah, I think that's… Continue reading We are Family