Suri with a Fringe on Top*

I used to love watching Dawson’s Creek; I was always rooting for Joey Potter and Pacey Witter to get together.

Now for the last year I have watched the craziness that is Tom Cruise seemingly overpower the sweet and innocent Katie Holmes that we all knew and loved as Joey.  I watched them make out on every red carpet and listened to the endless stream of the all too rehearsed sound bytes of their proclamations of love.

Then I watched Katie’s ever expanding belly – for the whole 372 months that she was pregnant.  I followed all of the little celebrity gossip sites waiting for the little Thetan to be born – even though more often than not it looked as if she had a giant pillow stuffed under her shirt.  Still I watched and read, because I cared was concerned about the mind control that was going on behind the wall of the Scientology compound.

But low and behold the little alien was hatched yesterday. Baby Suri Cruise.  Baby Syracuse.  Oh dear – as if have the crazy Tom Cruise as the “father” isn’t bad enough that had to go and name the baby Suri.  What kind of name is that?  Apparently even they are confused on the name’s meaning/origin.

Why can’t celebrities just give their children normal names?

*Note the clever reference to the musical Oklahoma!  and the song The Surrey With the Fringe on Top


2 thoughts on “Suri with a Fringe on Top*”

  1. I LOVE the Oklahoma reference. It didn’t occur to me until I read it here – but it is a great one!Thanks for bringing me a smile today. (I am SO sick of hearing/reading about this couple and their baby)Suzanne


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