I spoke before about the changes I’ve been making to the site – the little things that I have been adding.  Well I’ve added more.  I have added a link to Shutterfly where I put most of my photos.  I like it better than Flickr.  I think I’ve tried all of the photo storage sites, and I still like Shutterfly the best.  It is just simple and nice, and their prints are amazing.

Oh and the other big thing is the Amazon search and recommend boxes.  I read a lot, so I have some convoluted theory that I have the authority to recommend what you all should read from time to time.  Thus, I will put the books that I have read and loved, the ones that I have read and admired, and those that I have simply read and found informative.  Check them out – I encourage you to do so.

Anyways, I think I am done with adding things.  I will always be adding links to del.icio.us, adding things to my currently lists, and adding new and old photos to shutterfly, but the skeleton is all here.  The basics are complete – I am just filling in the space now.

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