Growing Up

I’ve talked a lot lately about feeling like I’m getting older, but boy did that feeling hit me today.

[*Side note- Yes, I realize I’m just turning twenty-three.  I realize that this is not old, but still I feel like it is.  When I was a little kid when I thought about growing up – twenty-three sounded old, twenty-one sounded intriguing, but twenty-three just seemed like you were headed over the mysterious hill that I heard spoke of.  Thus, now that I am on the very verge of twenty-three I am recalling my childhood associations with that number.]

I was out shopping with my sister, and we ran in to a girl that I used to babysit.  She is now eighteen.  That doesn’t even seem possible.  Last time I saw her she was just a little girl.  She and her little sister were the first two children, other than my niece, that I ever babysat.  I was twelve and I spent the summer watching both of them three days a week.  Now, she is eighteen, and she is graduating high school.  I just can’t believe it.

What is the saying…nothing makes you grow up quicker than seeing the next generation hot on your heals.  I guess that is really true.  I keep seeing these little kids that I grew up babysitting and teaching in Sunday School that are now in high school, and most days I still feel like I should be in high school.

Time needs to slow down.

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