When did I out grow MTV

Out of utter boredom, and because I still refuse to read the book that I am supposed to have read by tomorrow evening [Procrastinate, Procrastinate, Procrastinate], I found myself trying to watch one of MTV’s Spring Break shows. 

Oh my goodness. 

When did it happen?

I used to be able to watch MTV, and I actually found it entertaining.  I couldn’t stand watching some show, Next, or something like that for more than five minutes.  It was so lame.  Granted some of the people on the show were my age or even a year or two older, but I felt so old watching that show. 

Maybe it’s just ’cause I’m not the Cabo-Partying type, but I realized that I am no longer the targeted demographic for MTV.  Then again, I’m not sure who is, because if they are targeting high school students with the crap I just saw… 

Let’s just say I don’t think a fifteen-year-old needs to see that much alcohol, sexual imagery, and degradation of women.

I’m once again worried for today’s youth, but then again I always am.  I’ll be stepping down off my soap box for now.

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