Cash Obsession

Okay, so I’m still not talking about the issues at hand.  It’s my blog (I hate the sound of that word blog it just sounds awful) journal and I don’t want to, so you can’t make me!

Anyways, I loved the film Walk the Line.  I recently purchased the DVD, and I have begun to really get into this whole Johnny Cash thing.  I went through the box of my grandma’s books, and found her Johnny Cash book, Man in Black: His Own Story in His Own Words

My grandma always liked his music, and so I grew up listening to I Walk the Line and Ring of Fire.  I loved his music, but I never really knew anything about his life.  He was a truly fascinating man.  I wish the film would have stayed a little more true to the real story.  I loved the film, but his book is great.  I now want to read his other autobiography. 

He talked so much about how it was his faith in God that always got him through.  That even when he was at his lowest point, he knew that if he could just let go of the pride and the arrogance and lean on Him that He would see him through.

My life story isn’t nearly as fascinating.  I will never have a number one album.  I have never tried drugs.  I have never done a million things that Johnny Cash did, but I do know that without my faith in God the things that I have accomplished wouldn’t have happened, and the trials that I have endured would have been impossible to get through.

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