Neve and Gliz

These are the mascots for the 2006 Olympics.  Yeah, their creative team seems to be running out of ideas.  That or they let first graders draw the mascots this year.  I’m not sure which. 
I must say, I am not an Olympic enthusiast.  I don’t enjoy watching the Olympics.  I never have.  In elementary school they used to require us to watch, and discuss it as part of the curriculum.  I hated it.  It was so boring to me.  I wanted to be playing with my friends, or reading a book instead of watching people skiing and swimming.  
I just have never gotten into the whole Olympic excitement.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it is wonderful the whole idea of the Olympic dream and all that jazz, but I just don’t get into it.  
Plus, it will inevitably pre-empt something important – and face it that is just annoying.

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