Back to School

Today was the first day of the semester – my classes are going to suck the life out of me. I thought I was having two relatively easy classes today, but as it turns out they are not going to be such a breeze. One of my classes lets out at ten in the evening, so I will inevitably be completely worn out by that one. It is a three hour English course – my senior capstone. The other class is a sociology class, and to my surprise I am taking the course with a girl I knew in high school. So that was interesting. They both are interesting classes – challenging, but interesting.

I don’t know why I expected my last semester to be easy, but for some reason I felt like it should be. Oh well, we’ll see what my other classes are like. Right now I’m still pretty excited to be back. The break was way too short, but then again it always is, so that is nothing new.

I’m in classes with a ton of people that I don’t know. Which is really weird considering this is the first English class that I have ever had on campus where I haven’t known any of the other students before hand. The English program must be growing – which is totally exciting.

Tonight was all about learning everyone’s name (which I have already promptly forgotten) and what "we all want to be when we grow up."

Anyways, I’m glad classes are starting again – I’ll have stuff to talk about – I was getting stir crazy.

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