Why did I get an English Degree?

I love my English courses. I love to write and read all of the crazy books my professors assign. However, what on earth do I do with an English degree? I need a job. I can write a fiction story, a non-fiction piece, a poem, or a critical essay about just about anything. I can edit others work to an annoying accuracy (I take the red purple pen to my own work often too) – I have a good eye for editing.

The problem is I live in the Mid-West. There are no big publish companies or magazines that I can intern/work at. We have nothing but little newspapers that are never hiring. It is completely frustrating. I want to do something that uses my degree. I love reading, writing, editing – the whole deal, and I really want to do something within that field, but I don’t know how I can living where I do. I know, I know, the answer is simple either find a way to get a job at one of the local newspapers or publishers or else MOVE.

The problem is I don’t want to move. I like it here in this small, big city. All of my friends and family are here. Thus, I’m afraid to move and move on with my life without them around. It is all so confusing.

Tomorrow is all about trying to find a job. Maybe there is something here that will make me happy. I just don’t want to settle for something because I’m afraid to take a chance. I’m just frustrated.

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