Family Photo Nightmare

So I am trying to scan and edit all of our old family photographs so that I can then put them all on CD for about 30 of my closest family members. This all started after my grandma’s funeral. Several of my cousins and second cousins and people who are somehow related to me, but I forget exactly how, all came to my house. Everyone enjoyed the photo boards that I put together along with the little memorial paper with the picture around it so much that they wanted to see more photographs. Well, let me tell you how many photographs we have in this house. Thousands upon thousands we are not camera shy people. We have photos of everyone from my great-great-great grandparents to the newest of our family additions. It is overwhelming how many photos we have. Well of course this means we have photos that no one else in the family has, and of course everyone wants them. So I had to open my big mouth and say, "well, I could always scan them and put them on a disk that way you can just print the ones you want." Naturally, everyone found this to be a wonderful idea. "I would love to have one," "Me too," "Oh that would be so nice to have." What did I get myself into. Oh, and I want to get this done by Christmas (to be fair I won’t see my extended family until sometime next year [though I still don’t think I will have it done]). I may have taken on a little too much. I hope everyone has a great Christmas, may you all get everything your heart desires. Oh well, back to scanning.

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