Life Lesson: Be Kind. Always

The news gives me anxiety. I watch it and I'm always afraid and ashamed by what I see. Violence. Hate. Fear. It's really just too much. I live in middle America. I live in a very diverse suburb of a diverse city in Missouri. My daughter will go to school with children of all races,… Continue reading Life Lesson: Be Kind. Always



My sweet Madeline, You have filled my life and my heart with such great joy these last four years. I still see this sweet chubby cheeked baby when I look at you, but I know how quickly you are growing up.   You have a light around you that shines so bright. From the moment… Continue reading Four


Praying Because It Works

I’ve seen a lot of posts today and yesterday that have said that sending thoughts and prayers is not useful. And while I agree that prayers alone aren’t solving the issues in our very broken country, I just have to say, as a parent who has a small idea of what those 17 sets of… Continue reading Praying Because It Works