Life Lesson: Be Kind. Always. 

The news gives me anxiety. 

I watch it and I’m always afraid and ashamed by what I see. Violence. Hate. Fear. It’s really just too much. 

I live in middle America. I live in a very diverse suburb of a diverse city in Missouri. My daughter will go to school with children of all races, ethnicities, and religions. She will have classmates who don’t speak English as their first language and some whose parents don’t speak it at all. I am very proud that she will go to such a school. 

She will be raised in home that teaches her that people are people, children are children, and everyone deserves love, respect, and an equal opportunity. 

I am sad that she has to live in a world that will try and teach her otherwise. 

I will do my best to teach her that being kind is the most important thing she can do. That she should always be kind, compassionate, inclusive, and respectful. I will teach her that even if someone looks different than her, talks different than her, or believes different than her they are beautiful and can still be an amazing friend. Because differences are sometimes the best parts of friendships. 

I will not shelter her from the reality that is racism and hate that still exists in this world, but I will teach her to be one that stands up against it.  I will teach her to be part of a generation that really does become the change. 

I want better for her and for her friends and I know that starts with how I raise her. 

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History in the Making

“Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have.” – Thomas Jefferson

Yesterday the House of Representatives passed the highly debated, highly criticized healthcare reform bill. While I understand that our current healthcare system is flawed at best, I can not fully believe that this healthcare bill is the be-all end-all magic cure that our Country not only needs but deserves.

While it is fantastic that the current pre-existing conditions clause will be removed. No one should be discriminated against for being sick. An insurance company should not be able to deny coverage because of an illness you suffered as a child. An insurance company should not be able to cancel your policy because you get sick. Isn’t that the whole point of insurance? We pay into it for years and years and then when we really need it they drop us. We are too costly. Too much of a liability for them. I know that this needs to change. I’m happy to know that insurance companies will now be held accountable.

I am, however, against the idea that everyone will now be REQUIRED to have health insurance. The idea that a person will be penalized if they choose or can not afford to purchase health insurance is CRAZY! Yes, I think health insurance should be more accessible. Yes, I think health insurance should be more affordable. But mandatory? I’m sorry, but I can’t get behind that.

Beyond all of the details of the Healthcare Reform Bill that I don’t agree with or don’t fully understand, my main issue is with our government. It is obvious that the majority of the American people are not supportive of this plan and yet the President and the House Democrats ignored the people that elected them, the people that they are supposed to be working in the best interest of and just plowed on ahead with what appeared to be a complete disregard to what their constituents wanted. Nancy Pelosi’s arrogance in blatantly ignoring the questions and “we’re going to pass it anyway” attitude was beyond sickening.

I’m really not trying to pick a fight. And honestly I don’t think this is a Republican vs. Democrat issue (I also think we are way past that – there hasn’t been a clear party line for years). I just think that we deserve better. We deserve a bi-partisan plan. A plan that WE (the American people) actually want not one that a bunch of politicians tell us that we do.

This plan that was passed yesterday made history, but only time will tell if that is a good thing…

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