WBW 2014

Today is the kick off of World Breastfeeding Week.

As of today I have nursed Madeline for 114 days. That is about 113 days more than I thought I would. We have fought thrush (twice), a shallow and painful latch, and a myriad of other issues that made me want to quit at least a dozen times.

But we have made it.

The best advice I ever received was, “never quit on a bad day.” Every time that it has been hard (or painful) I have had that thought in the back of my mind and somehow, inevitably, the next day was always better.

We even survived only being able to latch with a shield. I was so glad when I was able to throw that crazy thing out. We’ve nursed in public and while walking, but I’m still trying to figure out how to nurse her in the Moby or Ergo.

My first goal was 6 weeks. Then 3 months. Now my next goal is 6 months though I’m pretty sure we will continue until at least 12 months now.

In the beginning I was sure that I would give up. It was hard. It hurt. And I felt like a failure as I watched her struggle. Now, I am so glad that we didn’t give up. Those moments when she cuddles up close to nurse are some of my most favorite and most cherished times.

So here’s to the next 114 days!

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