Photo Obsession 

I fully admit it. I have an obsession with taking photos and videos of Madeline. We’ve taken at least one (haha) photo of Madeline everyday since she was born. Usually they are just quick, cute, little candid shots of her playing. Sometimes they are posed and more thought out, but to say we have an excessive amount of photos is a bit of an understatement. 

This week my phone as started giving me the dreaded “out of storage” message. 

I can’t imagine why…

So I’ve been working on making sure that all of our photos and videos are backed up and then backed up again because my biggest worry is losing these all too precious memories. 

Right now I’m using Google Photo to make them up, which seems to be working really well. Plus the bonus is that the built in Google Assistant created these really fun animations with the photos. They are beyond adorable. 

Does anyone else have a good solution for photo and video (especially video) storage and backup? We have photos on our phones and then also on our laptop from our cameras. I’d like to get everything backed up together, but I’d also like it saved in more than one place “just in case.” 

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