Making the Time Count

I’ve read the posts, we only have 940 Saturdays between when she is born until she turns 18. We only get 18 summers. Like nearly every parent, I read those articles and suddenly realize that I must have something in my eyes, because they are watering uncontrollably… Okay, I sob while reading them and then insist that Madeline come and let me cuddle her like the tiny baby that she must always remain! 

Yesterday, while we were at our second birthday party of the day, I stood there and watched Madeline run around the gymnastics place playing. She looked so big. I realized how fast time was going. She has friends. She gets invited to go to parties for kids whose parents we don’t even really know. When did that happen? She has become her own person. 

As Patrick and I stood there watching her jump into a pit of foam cubes, hang on uneven bars, jump on a trampoline, and walk across a balance beam, I told him that it so hard to just watch her and just let her go. I still see her as this tiny, breakable, little baby, but she’s not. She’s a big kid, who can do big kid things. 

I also realized how much fun she was having, and I felt proud that we have been able to give her so many fun opportunities already at just 3 years old. 

Sometimes I’ve worried that she has missed out on something, because I’ve been a working mom. Typical working mom guilt. It’s hard to send her off to preschool everyday, but then I watch her play. She is flourishing. She has so many friends. She plays well with others, she loves to make new friends wherever she goes, and she is an includer. Preschool has been amazing for her. 

Because Patrick and I both work during the week, we always make our weekends with Madeline count. From trips to the zoo to mini golf, movie nights on the sofa or playing basketball in the front yard, we make sure we are creating family memories that will hopefully last Madeline a lifetime. 

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